Full-Time Program

  • Two years of intensive biblical studies
  • Living, food and uniform expenses covered
  • Library and computer lab with Internet access
  • Ministry emphasis
  • Video conference classes

It is an intensive Bible study program. It is designed for those men and women of courage who are willing to pay the price of ministerial training. This training program lasts two years. Students will be studying on a full-time basis from Monday to Friday; on weekends they will be working in the field. It is a selective program for select students. ITL Candidates must have completed their high school education.


  • Anyone interested in this program must have a deep conviction to be a missionary/preacher of Christ.
  • An active member of the church of Christ for at least two years, who has helped in preaching, teaching or evangelism.
  • Must have the moral and spiritual support of the congregation he or she is attending, and, if possible, financial assistance.
  • High school degree
  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • A letter of recommendation from the leaders of the church where he or she attends.